You may ask the Court to deny final approval by filing an objection to the Settlement Agreement. If the Court denies approval, no settlement payments will be sent out and the lawsuit will continue.

You may object to the Settlement Agreement in writing. Written objections should include the following information:

  1. Your full name, current mailing address, telephone number, and if you are being assisted by a lawyer, the lawyer’s name, address and telephone number;
  2. The case name and number of the Litigation (Hill, et al. v. Hispanic Housing Development Corporation, an Ill. Corp, et al. Case No. 2017-CH-07774);
  3. A statement establishing your membership in the Settlement Class;
  4. In clear and concise terms, the legal and factual arguments supporting the objection;
  5. A statement indicating whether you intend to appear at the Final Approval Hearing (either personally or through counsel, who must file an appearance or seek pro hac vice admission); and
  6. Your signature.

An objection must be submitted to the Court by filing with the Clerk at the link below. eFiling is mandatory in the State of Illinois.

To be valid, objections must be efiled with the Court and copies e-mailed to Class Counsel and Defendants’ Counsel such that it is delivered or postmarked on or before JUNE 3, 2021:

COURT eFile Portal Link

Alexander S. Michalakos, Esq.
Law Offices of Alexander S. Michalakos, P.C.
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Lawrence Brady, Esq.
Marvin L. Husby, Esq.
The Law Offices of Marvin L. Husby III
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