Fairness Hearing

The Settlement Hearing will be held on JULY 13, 2021 at 10:30 a.m., before the Honorable Anna Loftus, Circuit Court Judge, at the Circuit Court of Cook County in the Chancery Division, 50 West Washington Street, Room 2410, Chicago, IL 60602.

PLEASE NOTE: Until further notice no court proceedings are being held in person at the courthouse; all matters are being heard remotely, via Zoom teleconferencing communication.

The Hearings may be joined online: https://circuitcourtofcookcounty.zoom.us/j/95535573920
Or via the Zoom app, Meeting ID: 955 3557 3920 (No Password Required)
Dial In Number: 312-626-6799

Absent an internet connection, remote participation in court proceedings is possible by telephone by dialing (312) 626-6799 and, when prompted, entering the same Meeting ID and Password contained in the Schedule.

Those who lack access to a computer or smart phone may appear in person on the date and time as notified by the clerk.

The Court may adjourn the Settlement Hearing from time to time and without further notice to the Class, so you should either review the website, www.HHDCsettlement.com call, toll free, 1-800-841-9681 for current information.

The purpose of the Settlement Hearing will be to determine:

  1. whether the proposed settlement, as set forth in the Settlement Agreement, should be approved as fair, reasonable, and adequate to the Members of the Settlement Class;
  2. whether the proposed plan to distribute the Settlement Funds is fair, reasonable, and adequate;
  3. whether Unidentified Tenants qualify as Class Members;
  4. whether the application by plaintiff’s counsel for an award of attorneys’ fees and expenses and by plaintiffs for incentive fees should be approved; and, if so, in what amounts; and
  5. whether the Judgment, in the form set forth in the Settlement Agreement, should be entered.


No. Class Counsel will answer any questions the Court may have. But you are welcome to attend at your own expense. If you file an objection or comment, you don’t have to attend the Court hearing to talk about it. As long as you filed your written objection on time, your objection will be presented to the Court for its consideration. You may also pay another lawyer to attend on your behalf, but it’s not required.


Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, you may speak at the Final Approval hearing only if you have submitted a timely written objection and you have provided notice of your intention to appear and be heard at the Final Approval hearing. Class Members who have properly and timely submitted objections on or before JUNE 3, 2021 may appear at the Final Approval Hearing, either yourself or through a lawyer retained at their own expense. Class Members who opt out of the Settlement will have no standing to object or comment on the Settlement.